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Rules & Regulations

1. No outsider is allowed to enter the college without a valid reason.
2. Unlawful assembly of the students in the college is banned. The students are expected to abstain from drugs and alcohol. Any violation will lead to cancellation of admission.
3. Graffiti and sticking of posters is a cognizable offence.

4.Female student will attend college in prescribed uniform:
1. For Unmarried: Plain White Salwar-Kameez and Dupatta.
2. For Engaged: White Salwar-Kameez and Pink Dupatta.
3. For Married: Pink Salwar-Kameez and Pink Dupatta.

5.Male student will attend college in prescribed uniform:
Summer Uniform
White Shirt, Black Trouser, Black Shoes
Winter Uniform
White Shirt, Black Trouser, Black Shoes, Black Pullover.

6. A student, who indulges in any type of indiscipline in the college, shall not be eligible for any prize, certificate, college colour, award or scholarship from the institution.
7. Students resorting to unfair means in the examination are liable to be issued a bad character certificate.
8. A student desirous of withdrawing his/her name from the college can do so after clearing all college dues. Such student shall in no case be re-admitted during the same academic session.
9. Students are expected to maintain silence in and around the classrooms. Mobiles are not allowed in College Campus as per the directions of Supreme Court of India.
10. Students shall park their vehicles strictly in the parking lot marked for students.
11. Students shall strictly abide by rules of discipline and good behavior and obey the orders issued by the principal from time to time.
12.To qualify for admission to the university examination, students must attend not less than 75% of the total lectures delivered in each subject.
13.In case of science subject 30 is the minimum irreducible number of practicals days.
→ Names of those students who remain absent without leave for fourteen days continuously will be reported by the professor to the principal and be struck off the rolls.
→ All the students must make use of the Library and reading Room regularly and not confine their reading to text books alone.
→ Students shall not leave the college premises during the working hours expect with the permission of the principal and teachers incharge
Discipline Committee:
14.No relative or a stranger shall be allowed to meet any student during the college working hours.
15.In all matters pertaining to affairs of the college the principals decision will be final.
16.Change of section and subjects is not allowed.

The above mentioned rules may be changed, modified or suspended at the discretion of the college authorities.UNIVERSITY RULES FOR CONDONATION OF LECTURE {CLAUSE4 (1)]
The principal of an affiliated/constituent college may condone shortage in attendance of a student of student in each subject up to five lectures in theory.

Any candidate who participates in games, cultural and other co-curricular activities as defined below with the prior approval of the principal concerned shall, for the purpose of such participation, be treated as present on all the days of absence on such account for a period not exceeding 30days in an academic session.
1.State representation in internal, all India completions organized by agencies, which are recognized by the board of sports and youth welfare.
2.Participation in the inter-university competitions held under auspices of a university or any other recognized institution as amember of the team of participating institution.
3.Participating in the inter-college competitions organized by the university by the university as a member of the team of participating institution.
4.Participation in the coaching camp/rehearsals prior to participation as amember of state or university team in the national, allIndia/ inter-University competitions.
5.Participation in any N.C.C.&N.S.S. camps.
6.Participation in the mountaineering/hiking/trekking /rock climbing or other such activities organized under the auspices of the state government/university as a member of the institution affiliated/ recognized by the university.

1. If any student after having been admitted remains continuously absent for 14 days, his name shall be struck off from the college rolls and he/she shall not be readmitted during the same year.
2. If any bonafide student of the college is found indulging in any undesirable activity, he/she shall be punished under rules and even face rustication from the college.