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1. Newsletter:
Newsletter is published annually which highlights the achievements made by the college in curricular and co-curricular activities. It also brings forth the talent of the youth of R.S Pura and provides them a platform to excel.

2. Career Counseling cell :
Career counseling cell of the college provides excellent opportunities to the students in identifying and pursuing their career at state and nationallevel. The cell has a good number of books which helps the students to excel, improve and prepare for the future jobs. It also helps in removing the difficulties of students in choosing the proper subject combination at the time of admission, according to their interest and mental ability.

3. Women development cell:
G.D.S, R.S Pura has a women development cell which prepares the youth of this Sub Division toremove gender bias with emphasis on equality of sex, to promote equal opportunities for job andEducation for both male and female students. The purpose of this cell is to uplift the status of women, encourage them for higher studies and prepare them for proper management of household duties,Jobs and education at the same time.

4. Remedial classes:
The college provides remedial classes to the poor and weak students who cannot afford private tuitions. It equips the students for their university Examinations and also improves their, writing and communication skills.

5. Tour and picnics:
The college arranges educational tours and picnics from time to time to increase the Interest of the students in the places situated outside and within J&K. It helps them to improve their Awareness, adds to their travelling experiences and helps to know the wide diversity of IndianCulture, Religion and tradition.

6.Youth welfare activities:
Different kinds of youth welfare activities like ‘Quiz Programmes’, ‘Environmental AwarenessProgrammes’, ‘Soil Conservation programmes’, ‘Symposium on current issues’, Workshop on ‘Art and Craft’, Extension lectures on ‘Job opportunities and placements in corporate Sector’ are organized in the college from time to time for the overall development of students Personality and to boost their morale to contribute for the welfare of society in general.;

7.Grievance Redressal Cell:
Grievance Redressal Cell is constituted to redress the grievances of students with respect to staff ,administration and interalia .Purpose of this cell is to remove the gender disparities of the students , to deal with problems of both boys and girls and to develop mutual understanding and co-operation. It helps to change the mindset of students and make them an environment of peace and harmony.

8.Female Grievance Redressal Cell:
The College is having a female Grievance Redressal Cell being headed by one of the senior lady Professor to redress the Grievance of Female students, withstaff, administration or fellow student (Male/Female) and they are connselled by the women cell to overcome their problems.

9.Red Cross Unit:
The college has medical facility and first aid is provided to the needy students. Medical help and awareness is also provided to students through the college Red Cross Unit.

10. Anti Ragging Cell:
As per the supreme court ruling and order of Higher Education Deptt.of J&K Govt, ragging is totally banned .In this regrad, the college has constituted an antu ragging squad.

11. Physical Education and Sports:
It is important feature of the co-curricular activities. It gives platform to our talented youth to complete, participate and win at the state as well as national level sport events.It also instills a spirit of sportsmanship in them and molds the raw talent of our youths into something exceptional. The college provides facilities to students (both girls and boys) who are interested to take part in cricket, football,hockey,T.T. Kabaddi ,kho-kho,crosscountry,Volley Ball etc. Students are encouraged to take part and compete in various inter college and other events.

12.Complaint Box:
Complaint cum Suggestion box for the improvement of College activities both Curricular & Co-curricular is kept at most prominent place of the college and within direct reach of all students.

13 .N.C.C:
This year GDC, R.S.Pura has achieved another milestone. The College will now have full coy of N.C.C for both boys and girls. This will provide an opportunity to the students of this area to participate in various N.C.C activities and events. It will great a sense of self discipline, encourage, self-management and mutual co-operation amongst the students.It will provide a chance to the students to interact with the culture of other regions and increase their knowledge .They will also get a chance to attend camps both at the national and international level.Multifaceted training is imparted to cadets.Every enrolled N.C.C cadet has to undergo two parades of two hours each in a week and is required to attend 40 parades in a session. All the cadets shall have to put in 75% attendance at these parades so as to become eligible for’B’ and’ C’ Certificates examinations.

14. N.S.S.:
Selfless social service is a part of Indian tradition and culture to live selflessly for others. This is propagated to the students by NSS unit of the college. This unit prepares the students for voluntary help of the poor and the needy, works for the social up-liftmen of the villagers, aware them about the ‘Family Planning’, ‘Maternity Health Programmes’ and to improve the social conditions of the villages and peripheries. In addition to their inner satisfaction, students are also rewarded with Medals and certificates for their achievements, having valuable points at the time of Admission or seeking a job. Students enrolled as NSS volunteers are required to put in at least 120 hours of social work and attend one camp of 10 days duration to become eligible to receive certificates. Besides the regular special camp at college level, a special camp at University is also arranged every year, usually during summer break.

15. Scholarships:
The college provides financial aid to the students, in the form of scholarships to compensate incurred on their studies. These scholarships are granted on the basis of category and merit. Scholarships are granted to various categories of students:
• Meritorious Students
• Scheduled caste Students
• Backward caste or scheduled tribe Students
• Orphan, low income group students
However, the claims of the deserving students who are not in receipt of any other scholarship, Financial Assistance out of the College funds be considered by the concerned committee appointed for the purpose.
Students are required to apply for the various Scholarship/Financial Assistance Schemes on the prescribed Application Form.
The scholarships are awarded, subject to the fulfillment of their following conditions:
• Good Conduct
• Satisfactory progress in studies
• Regularity in attendance